Top 5 Old-School Playstation Games of all time


One of the more older gaming console the Playstation 1 had fantastic games under their belt. I remember when I was a kid my cousins and I would sit and play these games for hours sometimes though they would disconnect the controller and I wouldn’t notice. But other than that great games. Here is my list of my top 5 playstation games.

Metal Gear Solid

Playstation Metal Gear Solid Game

Metal Gear Solid was one of the best stealth games out there. I remember playing this game and trying to be as stealthy as I could. One of the greatest games from our childhood! They did make sequels to this game and they’re really good but nothing beats the first one.

Resident Evil 2

Biohazard (Resident Evil 2) Playstation Game

Now you might say why does the image say Biohazard 2. Well there’s a fun story behind that and it’s mainly because the developers of the game CAPCOM, based in Japan, created the game and named it Biohazard but Resident Evil sounded a lot better in the US. This game was so iconic that they even made a remake in 2019.

Crash Bandicoot Warped

One of the greatest gaming franchise out there, Crash Bandicoot. You couldn’t really think of Playstation without thinking about these games. All of these games were so good you couldn’t stop playing though very childish games they were actually pretty difficult, but fun nonetheless.

Spyro the Dragon

When gaming experience really changed for all of the playstation lovers. Spyro the Dragon was the first 3D type of game that was launched and felt awesome. Controlling the dragon and going through all the levels brings back good memories!

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

One of the best sports game out there! Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 was truly a fantastic game to play. Because of this game I asked my parents for a skateboard. I couldn’t skateboard if my life depended on it but I can sure do a kickflip in the game no problem!

Check out the original PS 1 startup to get nostalgic!

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