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Marvel Studios

The wonderful universe of Marvel!

Take a chance to read my all-time favorite Marvel Movies. If you’re not that interested in the Marvel Universe you can also take a look at my Top TV Shows.

Iron Man Cover Art

# 1 – Iron Man

This is where it all started back in 2008. Honestly my favorite movie of all time along with another DC movie, but I’ll save that conversation for another post!

Now there were a lot of other movies in this universe out already but they really weren’t going anywhere. Spiderman had 1, 2, and 3 but not as epic as what Disney had in mind with all the, as of right now, 29 movies.

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Cover Art

# 2 – Avengers: Infinity War

The 10 years of movies leading up to this important part of the Marvel Universe. Everything we were definitely not ready for but expected in some way.

Marvel Avengers Endgame Cover Art

# 3 – Avengers: Endgame

This movie will definitely get you on the edge of your seat for the whole 3-hour runtime.

Now it’s not higher because, in my opinion, the Marvel universe won’t recover from this since we see some tragic endings for some characters but we will have to wait to see if Disney can surprise us so far, we’ve seen quite a few releases but not as memorable as these top 2.

Black Panther Cover Art

# 4 – Black Panther

One of the more popular movies among Marvel fans for me it was really good but thinking about putting all 29 movies on a list it was really hard to not take into account the ones that came in my top 3.

Captain America Civil War Cover Art

# 5 – Captain America – Civil War

Just like you see in the poster, a civil war between the world’s superheroes.

This movie places you between a rock and a hard place, you’re either Team Cap or your Team Tony.

Thanks for reading, here’s a clip of the Hulk smashing Loki!

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