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Want to know what to watch on TV? Here’s my list of Top 5 TV shows if you haven’t already seen them.

Follow me on our journey of entertainment where in this post I will show you my tier list of top 5 TV shows out there available for streaming. Note, that these are my personal preferences.

# 1 – Best TV Show – Breaking Bad – Available on Netflix

Unquestionably my first and most popular TV Show is Breaking Bad. In this American Drama Series, we watch how “Walter White” (Bryan Cranston) a high-school chemistry teacher which is diagnosed with stage-three lung cancer turns to a life of crime and partners up with a former student “Jesse Pinkman” (Aaron Paul) to produce and distribute crystal meth in the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Since he says he will die he basically wants to secure his family’s financial situation. The show first aired in 2008 and its last season was in 2013, consisting of 5 seasons with a total of 62 episodes. This is its initial plot and I won’t spoil the rest for you, it is a must-see and most likely in everybody’s top 10.

# 2 – Game of Thrones – Available on HBO Max

Game of thrones top 5 shows

This very loved but at the same time hated tv show is on my top 5 because you felt everything in this show. There are action, drama, and emotional scenes and you will definitely fall in love with the characters in this show. Game of Thrones started in 2011 and finished its last season in 2019. With all the social media in modern-day society all you saw were memes and everybody going crazy on Sunday nights when the show aired, check out Jack Black’s acapella version of the theme song. I don’t want to spoil anything but like the name says it’s everybody wanting the Iron Throne.

# 3 – Stranger Things – Available on Netflix

Stranger things poster

Now you might consider that putting Stranger Things as a top 5 show is a bit too much because the show hasn’t finished yet but ever since it came out in 2016 it hit us right in our nostalgia! Set in the ’80s this definitely hits us right in our childhood, some even say that mullets were back for some time thanks to one of the protagonists of the show. Also, one of the reasons Netflix is the streaming giant we now know is thanks to this show helping them bring over 158.33 million subscribers.

# 4 – Better Call Saul – Available on Netflix

# 4 Best TV show Better Call Saul

Not all spin-off prequels rank as high as this one but some argue that this is even better than breaking bad. This crime drama shows us the life of Saul Goodman the lawyer that appears in Breaking Bad and how he became the renowned lawyer that he was in the original show. Like every prequel, we find ourselves not as interested in the show but it definitely get a lot better as the episodes go by.

# 5 – Chernobyl – Available on HBO Max

Top 5 best tv shows - Chernobyl

Finally, to finish off this list we’re going to go back to 1986 in this miniseries about the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant disaster. If you don’t want to invest time into a long 8-season or 6-season show you will definitely enjoy this 5-episode show. What I love the most about television and some series, is that they show us what happened at a specific point in time that we know of but never really imagine what it could have been like living there. Definitely recommended!