Top 10 Animated/Anime TV Shows

top 10 tv shows

Here are my top 5 animated/anime tv shows

#1 Avatar: The Last Airbender

Top tv shows animated/anime

Definitely, my favorite show growing up, I remember all the times I had to watch the repeats because I didn’t know you had to wait for the new season to be made and come out! If you haven’t seen it definitely watch it! On the other hand, can’t really say the same about the movie that came out.

#2 Rick and Morty

Top tv shows animated/anime

Who said animated/anime series are only for children? I was in my late teenage years when this came out and how to forget the epic The Simpsons cross over if you haven’t seen it check it out here.

#3 Attack on Titan

Top tv shows animated/anime

AoT! Everyone who gets started with anime starts right here! In my opinion, AoT is a great anime and it’s where it all started so it’s going up very high on my list.

#4 Batman: The Animated Series

Top tv shows animated/anime

A list is not complete if there isn’t at least something on Batman! There have been so many remakes and so many different universes that we have seen! If you’re a big batman fan and never watched this growing up definitely a must-see!

#5 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Top tv shows animated/anime

FMA: Brotherhood – After watching AoT I definitely looked up what animes to continue watching and FMA was definitely a great recommendation for me hopefully you think the same!

Here are my top 10 animated/anime tv shows

#6 Death Note

Top tv shows animated/anime

Going down that anime loophole here is another great anime show. I personally thought that the Netflix version of this was pretty good!

#7 The Simpsons

Everybody grew up watching at least one episode of The Simpsons, so I definitely had to place it in my top 10!

#8 Dragon Ball

Now I did mention that AoT was the first anime series I watched but honestly I forgot about Dragon Ball, I did watch some episodes as a kid growing up but I think this is a good place for Dragon Ball to be at.

#9 South Park

I was not old enough to watch south park back in the days but my dad would still let me watch it, definitely remember laughing really hard at some of the stuff they show. If you’re looking for controversy this is what you need to see!

#10 Naruto

Definitely wouldn’t want to miss having Naruto on this list! Some might think otherwise but an epic moment in history for all of the anime fans out there was a bunch of people wanting to Naruto Run through Area 51! If you don’t know what I’m talking about here’s the clip of it going viral. Definitely had to put Naruto in this top 10.

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