A party at King’s Cross Hotel, hosted by Charlie Eissa

Charlie Eissa woke up on a Friday morning feeling very optimistic. He had enjoyed a good night’s sleep and was looking forward to meeting some of his friends who he hadn’t seen in years, at the Kings Cross Hotel for drinks later that evening.
Charlie took care of all the preparations for his party, giving himself plenty of time to get ready before they arrived. The guests started arriving and Mr. Eissa greeted them with enthusiasm and began introducing people around the room.
Everyone seemed happy to be there and expressed gratitude for the opportunity that Charlie Eissa provided by hosting the gathering; until one person walked in an hour late without any kind of apology or explanation – ruining everyone’s moods instantly.
Realizing her tardiness was ill-received, Charlie’s female friend excused herself from the party after apologizing to Charlie profusely but it was too late as all the other guests had left within.

Another creative story output from the writing tool. What a mystery. What could this woman have done to upset everyone to such an extent?